Hello, I am a 22-year old programmer from Southern California. Since I was a little kid, I’ve always had an interest in technology. When I was eleven, I wanted to build my own website. Since then, I’ve grown and improved my skills in programming. I’ve been actively interested in operating system development and started the ExpidusOS project.

Since 2022, I’ve participated in other FOSS projects like Zig and Nix. I am a maintainer of the Lens package, updated Nix to have LLVM 17, and package the Flutter Engine all for Nix. With Zig, I’ve made some small PR’s and contributed in reporting issues. A notable PR I have made to Zig is the introduction of the runtime page size which makes it possible to build Zig projects on Apple Silicon.

Between August 2022 and January 2023, I worked at Ezoic as a Jr DevOps Engineer. It was a phenominal experience and gave me an insight to what a career in tech will be like. Unfortunately, I was only there for half a year. However, I took away new skills and friendships from my time at the company. Since then, I’ve focused on finishing my associates degree. By June of 2024, I will have my AAS in CIS and plan on continuing my education towards a bachelor’s in CIS.

In Feburary of 2023, I was able to accomplish a big goal of mine which was to visit Japan. Japan is a country and culture which I have strong interest in. In fact, I’ve been learning Japanese since about late 2021. I often use Japanese on my devices as the default language to help with immersion. A future goal of mine is to live in Japan.